About us


Project In Reflection is a part of non-profit, non-governmental organisation of the Slovenian Medical Student International Commitee Ljubljana (SloMSIC-Ljubljana). The project was established in January 2014, based on the prototype workgroup named Mental health from 2013 (SloMSIC). After the first year of functioning the project got official support from the Department of Psychiatry. In August 2015 In reflection received the Rex Crossley award from The International Federation of Medical Students Associations (IFMSA). In May 2016 the project received first place for the best project awarded by the European Medical Students’ Association (EMSA).

Projects In reflection purpose is to raise awareness about mental health, mental disorders and to tackle stigma and taboos attached to them.

At the beginning of a new study year we organise lectures on topic of mental disorders and training for conducting a workshop for all project members. From late October till the end of April we are conducting workshops for high school students on topic of mental health, mental disorders and destigmatisation. To reach a wider public we organise different events for world awareness days related to mental disorders or mental health.