Awareness days

Project In reflection raises awareness by preparing events on certain mental disorders/health related world awareness days, which are ment for a wider public. On each day the activity is different and we try to make them as diverse as possible and appropriate for the target population. We prepare events for the following days:

  • World Eating Disorders Action Day – 24. february,
  • Self-injury Awareness Day – 1. march,
  • International Day Against Drug Abuse Day – 26. june,
  • Depression awareness and suicide prevention – 10. september,
  • World Mental Health Day – 10. october

Two days are described for an example:

World Eating Disorders Action Day

In february we prepare something called a Living library and is meant for anybody that wants to come. It’s organised in the center of the city and lasts for the entire afternoon. Project In reflection has joined forces with Association Legebitra and organised a Living library meant especially for mental disorders, stereotypes and prejudices. Members of the project are educated in performing the library and take charge of the entire organisation.

What is a Living library?

Living Library is a mean through which with innovative method of active dialogue we raise awareness and educate about human values, human rights and promote discussion on prejudice and stereotypes in society.

Living Library faces the reader with their own prejudiced and stereotyped notions and offers a concrete opportunity to meet their own stereotype in person. Books of Living Library are members of different minorities, socially vulnerable groups and everyone who is facing prejudice in their own life and are thus prepared to share and talk about their experience with visitors of library.

Pictures from the event:



International Day Against Drug Abuse Day

In june, we organise an art competition for elementary schools. The invitation is sent to all elementary schools in Slovenia and whoever from that school can attend, of course with the written consent from their parents. The theme of the competition is always drug related per example, smoking, marihuana, dance drugs etc. We receive artwork from numerous schools, usually about a hundred pieces or more. We grade them according to certain criteria and award prizes such as tickets to the theater or movies, art classes, art supplies gift packages etc. The best work is also exhibited in our University Clinical Center.

Pictures from the art competition: