Education is one of the prime objectives of the project. Education of its members, so they are able to perform workshops. Workshops are a form of education for high schoolers, as are events that the project organises for a wider public.

Education for members has been performed ever since the beginning of the workgroup Mental health in 2013. At first, this education was performed under the supervision of SloMSIC and the members of the project. As it developed into a project supported by the Department of Psychiatry, they now oversee the education of the members together with a part of the curriculum in the Faculty of Medicine. Lectures are necessary for all members, that intend to perform workshops. They are also open for anybody else, that would just like to learn or refresh their memory of mental disorders and psychiatry.

Senior members of the project at the beginning of each semester have a lecture on performing workshops. Future workshops conductors have the possibility of a Q&A with the senior member about themes, practical advice and what to expect. They also undergo soft skill training and have the chance to sit in a workshop, before actually doing one.

The project In reflection also organised its first congress in November 2015, where about 300 people listened to lectures given by psychiatrist and specialists in their own field. Students attending were from different faculties, around 2/3 of them were medical students. Lectures were about prevention, eating disorders, mood disorders, suicide etc. At the end of the congress there was a test, which everybody passed with flying colours, so we can assume they got something out of the entire congress.

We are looking forward to organising another congress for students and keep up the current level of education for future workshops conductors.

 Pictures from the November 2015 congress: